May 13

Generations Day

It is important to note that we should spend time with our grandparents. That’s why today in this blog post I will tell you about Generations Day and what it means to me.

What Is Generations Day?

It’s the celebration of Intergenerational Day, observed every year on June 1, that offers a unique opportunity to make connections and promote understanding between different age groups. This day serves as a reminder that bridging the generational gap is not only possible but also beneficial for the well-being of families. In school, Our grand-parents came on the 13th Of May (2024)


What does Generations Day mean to me?

It means to me that we honour our grandparents and be thankful for them and what they do for us. We should also cherish their knowledge. They are wise and smart. They also have a lot of experience on earth, so we should take their advice. We should give them hugs and love.


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May 13

Remembrance Day

What does it mean to me? How can I express that I am thankful for the soldiers who helped us, our nation, and our country, and risked their lives in the process. How can I make the state of Israel a better place like they did? Well in this blog post, I will answer each of those in this blog. If you have other questions or want to share what remembrance day means to you, Write it in the comments.


Remembrance Day, What is it?

You might be wondering, what is remembrance day? Remembrance Day (יום הזיכרון) is an important occasion observed by plenty of Jews worldwide. It reminds us of the sacrifices made by the Jews during times of war. We observe this special day to honour and pay tribute to those who selflessly served their countries, protecting our freedom and values. Without them, we wouldn’t have a state of Israel.

What Does Remembrance Day Mean To Me?

I think it means we should always try our best and help others when needed.

How Can I Express That I Am Thankful?

There are many ways to show that you are thankful for the soldiers and brave people who risked their lives on the battlefield. You could write a card, or do a kind deed ( eg. volunteering or helping with tiny everyday things).


(Me and Gila Writing wishes for Israel)

Card Idea

Thank you for your service and all that you do for our country. Thank you for keeping our country safe and strong. You are very much honoured and very much appreciated for all that you have done. Thank you for your courage and for putting your country first.


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May 6

Projet Vidéo Écran Vert (Les Inuits)

Après plusieurs semaines de travail sur notre maquette qui montrait plusieurs aspects de la vie quotidienne d’un groupe autochtone les Inuits, et après avoir fait l’enregistrement de nos lignes que chaque groupe devait apprendre par coeur, notre vidéo était prêt à visionner. 

Voici mes commentaires de ce que j’ai aimé:

  • J’ai aimé comment nous étions dans notre projet.
  • Jai aimé les effets de son.

Aussi, j’aimerais faire quelques suggestions pour améliorer ce projet si j’avais à le refaire:

  • J’avais l’air bizarre

Je ne poste pas notre vidéo dans Edublogs parce-ce-que Je ne me sens pas à l’aise de publier la vidéo sur écran vert.

May 6

Figurative Language – My Vacation

In class, we are talking about our 8-day vacation using figurative language.


When leaving school when the break started, it was like 100-pound weights were being lifted off my shoulders. “Whoosh!” the vacuum sucked all of the chametz out of the car. On the first Seder, everyone’s stomachs roared as we waited to eat. Each time I ate my mom’s kosher for Passover bagels, my tastebuds made a little dance. On Chol Moed, all of the kids were slow sloths laying on the couch all day. The last 2 days flew by because of the fun.

March 20

Parashah Ki Tisa

In this parashah, Moses was on Har Sinai, with Hashem. Hashem was talking to Moses. Meanwhile, the Jews were waiting for Moses. They didn’t feel safe without him. The Jews asked Aharon to make a golden calf to replace Moses so they could feel safe once again. Aharon agreed to this because he thought it would take time to make the gold calf so when Moses came down, there wouldn’t be a gold calf yet. Aharon told them to use all of the earrings to make the calf. He thought they would refuse, but they immediately took their earrings, built a gold calf, and started dancing with the idol. Hashem saw this, and he was FURIOUS! Hashem was going to destroy them, but Moses refused. He saw it from a different perspective and didn’t clearly see what the Jews were doing. Hashem agreed with Moses and when Moses came down from Har Sinai and saw the Jews dancing with the gold calf, he was furious! He broke the tablet.

To be a better person, you need to follow certain rules and norms in a way to is similar to Hashem. Hashem wanted the Israelites to change to forgive them.